New Detachable Neck Rugs

by J Brazier

We have a new detachable neck design now available for our 100% waterproof Stornbreak rugs in the at the cheapest prices in Australia.


The neck rug attaches with hidden connectors at the neck line. This provides a better contoured shape and excellent neck coverage with much improved waterproof and windproof sealing between the neck rug and body compared to traditional type rug and seperate neck rug. The neck rug at the wither is less likely to flip up when your horse grazes.


When you want to use just a rug without neck rug it is quick and easy to remove the neck rug.


These rugs are available in a rainsheet and 300g padded version.


Check out the Stormbreak Detachable Neck Rugs at this link here, its just one version that we now have for you.