Summer 2018/19 Rugs

by J Brazier

We have summer horse rugs in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Get ready for the warm weather with a rug to protect your horse from the harsh summer sun and elements.

We have polycotton rugs, full mesh rugs, hybrid mesh and polycotton rugs, unlined canvas rugs in stock. 

There are still a few clearance rugs available at very low prices as we have only limited sizes and numbers in these styles.

Order now while we have plenty of sizes still available.

The Warehouse is Full

by J Brazier

Our winter stock has just arrived and we have topped up the shelves with our post popular rugs. We have new polar fleece under rugs, padded underrugs, cotton rugs and mesh rugs and added more 600D and 1680D rugs so we have all the populatr sizes available.

Our main rug for winter is the Stormbreak 1200D design that has been very popular. We have expended the range and we have added rugs (without neck) as well as combos in a rainsheet and padded blanket version.

We have moved to the detached rug design as so many customers have told us that this design works so well for them. Its very easy to remove the neck to give more options however when attached the neck is extremely secure and provides excellent waterproof performance.

Try a detached neck design today, you won't want anything else.

Winter 2018 Rugs

by J Brazier

We have many winter horse rugs in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Depending on where you are located in Australia it usually only takes a few days for delivery to your door. 

There are still a few clearance rugs available at very low prices as we have only limited sizes and numbers in these styles.

Our factory has shipped us a new order and we expect to have this in the warehouse and available to you in about 6 weeks if you need a size that wed currently don't have available.

Summer Mesh and Cotton Rugs

by J Brazier

We have a range of summer cotton rugs, mesh rugs and cotton/mesh hybrid rugs available. These rugs provide protection from sun and insects give your horse extra comfort in the hot Australian summer.

Lite Toffee Airflow - Lightweight mesh but tough and soft fabric

Superwhite Airflow - Heavier weight mesh rug

Cotton Rugs - Soft and durable natural polycotton for extra protection

Hybrid Cotton Mesh - Best of both worlds with cotton upper and mesh for extra cooling in the heat

New Detachable Neck Rugs

by J Brazier

We have a new detachable neck design now available for our 100% waterproof Stornbreak rugs in the at the cheapest prices in Australia.


The neck rug attaches with hidden connectors at the neck line. This provides a better contoured shape and excellent neck coverage with much improved waterproof and windproof sealing between the neck rug and body compared to traditional type rug and seperate neck rug. The neck rug at the wither is less likely to flip up when your horse grazes.


When you want to use just a rug without neck rug it is quick and easy to remove the neck rug.


These rugs are available in a rainsheet and 300g padded version.


Check out the Stormbreak Detachable Neck Rugs at this link here, its just one version that we now have for you.


Welcome to Our New Website

by J Brazier

We now have our new web site up and running with lots af new features in a fresh new design. Please look around our new store and find a bargain.


Gohorse Team

Winter 2017 rugs now in store

by J Brazier

Our winter shipment just arrived so we have lots of rugs in stock. Some new ones and favourtites as well.

Jump in quick before we sell out.

There are so many different horse rugs, what should I buy ?

by J Brazier

With so many different rugs on the market, how do you choose the best one?

There are a large number of different rugs on the market and it's well worth looking at a variety of types before you buy.

Paddock Rugs
Turnout rugs used to be made of waterproofed cotton canvas, but increasingly high-tech materials now have the edge.

Canvas rugs are still popular and are hard wearing and well priced. The waterproofing performance of the canvas horse rug is much less than synthetic rugs and will deteriorate over time however there are many reproofing products available from the saddlery that will restore weatherproofing to some degree. We prefer to call these rugs showerproof only as compared to syhthetic rugs this is amore accurate description of their performance. A canvas rug will not be 100% waterproof in all weather conditions, no matter what other retailers may say, but they are still a great choice if you want a natural fabric on your horse. If you also have a synthetic rug available then you can use this in very wet weather and get the best of both.

Synthetic horse rugs are generally available in blends of polyester and nylon. Rugs are available in 600 denier fabric up to 1680 denier fabric. The denier rating refers to the thickness of the thread, the higher the denier rating the thicker the thread and the thicker and more durable the fabric but also the more expensive the fabric.

Ballistic nylon, which is the material used to make the outer layer of bullet-proof vests, is increasingly used for turnout rugs. GoHorse sells the Pindar rug in 1680 denier ballistic nylon and it is extremely tough fabric.

None of these materials are naturally waterproof enough for outdoor use, so they have to be chemically proofed with an internal coating to provide waterproof and breathable performance. A breathable hydrophilic proofing allows moisture to evaporate away from the horse's coat and out of the rug.

Synthetic rugs have a lining and common linings are nylon, polycotton, mesh or polar fleece. The polar fleece lining provides a rug with additional warmth while the cotton gives a natural feel and nylon is a premium lining that is easy care, long lasting and gentle on your horses coat.

GoHorse horse rugs generally have a 210 denier nylon lining which is easier to keep clean, stronger and provides a good coat shine. Some other manufactures use a cheaper thin nylon. Polycotton is cheaper and provides a natural lining but is less durable.

Lightweight, breathable turnout rugs are also suitable for indoor use stable use.

Synthetic rugs are also available as a blanket horse rug with a channel quilted poly fill between the outer shell and the lining. These rugs provide a high level of warmth and act just like a dooner on your bed. Different thickness of polyfill material are available however we have found 300g fill provides excellent performance for most locations in Australia. Over time the fill will flatten and lose the ability to hold pockets of air which holds the warmth, a 300g fill will maintain its performance over several seasons unlike lightly padded rugs. You can also add an underblanket for even extra warmth during the coldest days of the year. GoHorse sell rugs with 300g polyfill.

Extra warmth
Today's alternatives to the traditional wool or jute stable rugs are wicking, dust-repellent, stain-resistant, washable and tough polar fleece rugs.

These rugs are a general purpose rug that can be used alone for a horse that is travelling, in a stable or just standing around at a show and needs to be kept warm. The rug can also be layered with weatherproof rugs to provide extra warmth.

Better rugs have features such as twin chest straps, lined shoulders, leg straps and full binding along all edges and across the backline.

GoHorse has a range of different styles, designs and colours. There are cheaper versions available but for a slightly higer price you will get a much thicker and longer lasting fabric with better fittings and fit.

The front straps of a rug are the most crucial, as these come into closest contact with the horse. For all but the most lightweight rug, you need two straps - tough enough for the weight of the rug but flexible enough to be easy to use and fasten. They should fit snugly but not tight, to keep the rug in place.

Cross surcingles keep the rug securely and comfortably in place aand this is particularly important for heavier rugs.

Good quality buckles and clips are also important, unless they are corrosion resistant then rusting will soon make them difficult if not impossible to use. GoHorse only uses high quality chorme and nickel plated corrosion resistant fittings.

A different rug for each season is ideal, however, a medium-weight rug with extra layers makes a practical alternative.

A fleece or blanket is ideal under a stable rug and can also be used under turnout rugs. Coolers can also be used as under-rugs, and some are warm enough to leave on as a day rug, or even overnight in spring and autumn, as well as doubling as a travel rug.

Detachable or separate neck covers and hoods trap a lot of warmth, as well as keeping mud off, and can be used when the weather gets colder.

How do I measure to get the right horse rug size ?

by J Brazier

Our rugs are based on international sizing and come in steps of 3 inches. Our sizing is very similar to other brand rugs you may have used in the past so if you have another brand rug that fits then the same size will most likely fit.

To measure your horse for the correct size just measure from the middle of the chest in a straight line to the rear of the rump where you would normally want the rug to finish as shown below.

Select the appropriate rug size from the table below, where the size is border line or you are going to layer rugs and have additional rugs underneath then go up a size.

This table is a guide and you will need to consider the particular shape of your horse in making a selection. Please contact us if you would like some advice.

Size Measurement

Measurement from Horse
Measurement from Horse
Approximate Rug Size
4'10" - 5'0" 147 - 153 5'
5'1" - 5'3" 154 - 161 5'3"
5'4" - 5'6" 162 - 168 5'6"
5'7" - 5'9" 169 - 176 5'9"
5'10" - 6' 177 - 184 6'
6'1" - 6'3" 185 - 191 6'3"
6'3" - 6'5" 192 - 198 6'6"
6'6" - 6'9" 199 - 205 6'9"



Which horse rug is best for me ? - 600 denier, 1200 denier or 1680 denier

by J Brazier

The denier rating refers the the thickness of the thread used to manufacture the fabric. A higher denier rating will result in a thicker fabric but is a higher denier better.


Some stores only stock a single denier horse rug like 1200 denier and will claim that this rug will last much longer than 600 denier rugs. This is not the case and our testing has shown that the life of a 600 denier rug can be just as good as a 1200 denier or even higher denier.


Gohorse and other major manufacturers stock a range of ratings so that you have can select a product that suits you and your horse.


The denier rating will make little difference to the warmth provided, windproof protection or waterproof performance. All the fabrics also contain a riptop thread to limit the extent of any tears that occur to make repairs possible.


The waterproof membrance used on our rugs is the same on all fabrics and provides equally outstanding waterproof and breathable performance.


So why the different ratings. The 600 denier rugs are lighter which means they are easier to handle and lighter on your horses back so there is increased comfort. The fabric is also lower cost and you can have a high performing horse rug at a lower price.


The higher denier rating rugs have a thicker fabric and this is somethimes important if you have a horse that is rough on rugs and seems to find ways to rub against anything around or finds other ways to damage your rug. Where horses are paddocked together you can also get one horse that wants to bite and pull on anothers horse rug and cause damage.


Based on your experience with your horse the right answer can sometimes mean a 600 denier, a 1200 denier or even a 1600 denier rug. In any case you will always get a quality long lasting horse rug from Gohorse.