Why Gohorse

Apart from our unbridled passion for horses themselves, there are a number of important reasons why you should choose us. Here are just a few.....

Convenient Delivery
We deliver rugs right to your door anywhere in Australia. Don't waste time driving to a shop that probably won't have the size and rug you want anyway and then you have to come back, sometimes weeks later, to pickup.

Your rug will be shipped right away and be on your doorstep in days.

In Stock Ready To Ship
We have all the stock ready to ship already in our warehouse, no need to wait. We can ship as soon as payment arrives.

We have the largest range on the internet or of any shop. Whether it is canvas, polycotton, waterproof, synthetic, polar fleece, different colours, different denier in all different sizes. It all means more choice - choice - choice for you.

We are available on the phone or by email to answer any of your questsions to help you make the right choice.

Value and Quality
We source high quality rugs made from the best materials and made by world leading manufacturers. You get all the benefit of a high quality product without the price - thats as good as it gets.

No compromise on performance you need like waterproofing, breathability, excellent fit, reinforced stitching and all the other important components of a superior horse rug.

Save Costs Of Brand Name Middlemen and Advertising
We keep our advertising costs and operating costs as low as possible - the savings are passed on to you. You don't pay for expensive advertising and shops, just a high quality product.